Vocational Education Program

Disadvantaged young people in Georgia at most have no opportunity for a vocational education. To support
IDPs, orphan children and other socially disadvantaged youths we started a vocational education project in

The training is based on the “Dual System PLUS” and includes:

  • Theoretical education in a vocational school
  • Practical ‘on the job’ training
  • Comprehensive socio-educational support

The project is executed in co-operation with the Vocational Education Centre “Modus” in Rustavi (Georgia)
and German partners.

In 2011/2012 we will also start VET projects in the fields of gastronomy (cafe) and tourism (hostel)

IOS: Integrating Orphans Into Society

For four years our team of artists and craftspeople have been working with the children at Kodjori orphanage,
close to Tbilisi. Since 2010 we also work in two orphanages in Tbilisi.

Running activities are:

  • Painting therapy
  • Making pottery: shaping, baking and painting
  • English Coaching
  • Housekeeping, cooking and hygiene courses
  • Professional orientation

The activities help the children to fight psychomotor issues and enhance intellectual expression. This is an
essential precondition for proper development of mental and spiritual attributes.
In the future the activities are planned to be extended to other children’s homes and pedagogues, in order to
give more children the opportunity of developing their personality and creativity.