Since 2018 our main project “Youth House” is a cooperation with the Georgian orthodox church and the organization Youth House. We offer disadvantaged adolescents an open space where people care for their needs. Our terrain includes our office, different workshops, a kitchen and a dorm.


Every year we start a one-year program with a new group of disadvantaged youth who are 16 years or older. This program is divided in three phases. 

First period:

In the beginning, we are looking for new participants, get to know them and evaluate their individual needs. For three months, daily seminars take place which aim on topics like personal development and professional orientation. But we also offer meetings about general knowledge and values. If somebody is interested, you can receive English or German lessons. Activities concerning craftsmanship and creativity play a huge role in our program as well.

On the other hand we do free time activities together like cooking, watching movies and sometimes we go on one day trips out of the city.

During these three months, the participants get to know different professions, develop their personal skills and recognize their interests and talents.

Second period:

The participants now have figured out what they are interested in. Together we search for a fitting internship or job.

Third period:

In the last step, the goal is to find a long-term working place and to start living an independent life. We still accompany them on their further way and are important contacts for our youth.


The Georgian orthodox church provides a dorm where the disadvantaged youth can live for a transitional period form the age of 18. They receive general care like food, medicine and hygiene products.
Together with our residents “Life Chance” develops individual plans with the aim of an independent and self-determined life.