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The Association “Life Chance”, based in Tbilisi (Georgia), is working with children and adolescents that have a difficult social background and are disadvantaged in society, such as such as children from children’s homes, IDP families.

Activities of “Life Chance” include:
• Trainings for personal development
• Therapeutic courses in arts and handcrafts
• Professional orientation, training and consulting

Our work is structured in three phases within a circle of one year. The first for us is to find children for our program and to assert the individual needs. Afterwards, they get the chance to take part in our educational and handicraft workshops, where they can develop personal skills and try different professions.

In the second step, when our participants have figured out, what they are interested in, we are looking together for an apprenticeship or job, which fits to their wishes.

And in the last step, they start their working life with new ideas and skills, they gathered in the last period.

Thereby our goal is to help these young people to escape from poverty, develop good prospects for longterm,
attractive employment and thus be able to integrate into society. We are doing our best to help them growing up into independent and self-determined adults.

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