Life Chance offers non-formal education in form of different workshops, wich are guided by trained educators. Here there learn many types of craftmanship and participate at workshops, the learning outcome out these are of great importance for their career guidance.

The cooking class
The cooking workshop takes place twice a week, led by the experienced chef Nika Mchedlishvili. Here the young people learn the theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience in the field of gastronomy. The cooking process also includes topics such as hygiene, decoration and finally the collective clean-up work. Eating together is also very important, this strengthens the group feeling and the appreciation of food. Part of the conclusion is a discussion in which the recipe is written down and thus internalized.
The children take up this course with great enthusiasm and gain knowledge, they gain a completely new approach to the big, extremely important topic of food. Many of the young people aspire to work in the catering sector, which makes it all the more special to come into contact with the food culture.

The woodworking course
Another new course added to the program is the woodworking course. Under the supervision of the start-up BAMO, which manufactures wooden products, the young people in our wood workshop create decorative objects with practical uses, such as wardrobes or tool boxes. Learning this craft is a lot of fun for the youngsters and increases their self-esteem, especially when they end up holding the finished product that they have created with their own hands.

The glass art processing course
Furthermore, the glass art workshop takes place and is attended with great pleasure. The work of young people in this area has developed enormously and professionalized. They choose a theme together and implement it individually and create beautiful glass products such as brooches, plates, vases or small glass boxes. The learning result from this complex fine work will help you to develop your powers of concentration and to try out the craft of precision work.

The craft class
In the handicrafts course, the young people make decorative objects from various materials together under pedagogical supervision. With this handicraft course, the young people learn another type of handwork.

The foreign language lesson
Furthermore, teaching units take place twice a week in which the young people receive German lessons from our volunteers from Germany. This can open another door for you to possibly find a job in Germany using Team Life Chance’s many contacts.

Our exhibitions
Given the numerous products that the young people make in the many courses, Life Chance organizes exhibitions and invites numerous partners and friends. Our young people offer their products for sale at various stands. Handicraft workshops are also offered, for example at a florist stand. Life Chance held such a celebration at Easter this year.

The learning results show up over time and we see a rapid development in all our participants, which prepares them for their future social life as well as professional life. The focus for all our young people is on concretizing their future professional field, which Life Chance can promote and implement. That’s why Life Chance organizes individual internships that ideally become permanent jobs. Overall, our program shows, as in all previous years, that this type of youth center is a great support for many, in which independence stands at the end.