Our Youth House is a cooperation of Life      Chance and the Georgian orthodox church. Together, we offer to the adolescents and open space, where they can spend their time and where people care for their needs.

The Georgian association in Germany is uniting Georgian people, who live in Germany. The association regularly organizes actions and events, where the collected money is donated to our organization.

Agapedia is a social association, which was founded by Jürgen Klinsmann to help children in need. The organization cares for our resources and practical needs, it was their initiative for example to renovate and arrange our kitchen. In our social work, we are corresponding with Agapedia and we are proud that this year, the first of our adolescents is sent as a volunteer to our friend’s organization.

FIB is our close partner organization in Germany, which cares for all practical needs, that come up in our work. Because of FIBs financial support, we are able to give grants to our adolescents and to promote persons individually.


Since last year, we are cooperating with Elisabeth-Gast-Stiftung for our art workshops. The association sends us art teachers, who bring their own projects and do some creative work with our children.

All souls Anglican Church with Todd Durell as the initiator is one of our newer partners. They are supporting us with the grants for our participants and finance the transport to the children’s working places.