April 2020

As well as in other countries the Covid-19 pandemic is also perceptible in Georgia. Due to the precaution, many people have lost their work and do not get any support from the state. This also affects our youth, which has mainly been working in gastronomy and in sale. Therefore they do not have monetary means for basic needs like food, hygiene products or accommodation.

But necessity begets ingenuity and we initiated a new project called „Life Box“. Our youth is preparing food packages for people in need. The „Life Box“ contains, basic foods, as well as hygiene products and costs altogether 25 Georgian Lari (approx. 10€). With each sold „Life Box“, people in need are helped and our youth is supported, cause they will receive the earnings. Every helps of this project is welcome. With your donation of 10€, we can give a „Life Box“ to a family and help our youth.

Donations can be transferred to the following bank-accounts:

Life Chance Georgian Bank-Account (donation receipt can’t be created):
GE50 TB71 8953 6180 1000 01 (GEL)
GE94 TB71 8953 6180 1000 01 (€/$)
TBC Bank Mtatsminda Branch
BIN 22 01 01 821

Bank-Account of our German Partner Organisation Agapedi (for donation receipt please use the following E-Mail to request
Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger
IBAN: DE70 6003 0200 0024 3330 00
Verwendungszweck: Life Box


January 2020

In addition to the large kitchen for seminars, we were able to furnish a new kitchen for our dormitory with financial support of Agapedia. The small kitchen with cooking facilities and seats is now a popular meeting place of the youth where they cook and eat together.


15. January 2020

With two cars full with presents of Weihnachten im Schuhkarton, we visited the refugee settlement Prezeti. Most of the inhabitants are internally displaced persons. We distributed the packages to boys and girls of different ages. We would like to share the captured impressions with you.


October/ November 2019

This fall, Life Chance had the opportunity to realize the integrative photo project ‘Refill’ with the financial support of Tbilisi City Hall.

‘Refill’ was created by our board member and photographer Zaqaria Chelidze. The idea of the project was to give 15 young people with different life stories, talents and visions a stage to tell their story by photographs. At the beginning of the project, everyone received a disposable camera to document their everyday life. The results were very exciting as you could see a personal story in every picture.

The following activities were carried out as part of ‘Refill’:

  • Workshop on film development in the photo lab
  • Painting Workshop with an art therapist
  • Shooting and screening of the short film ‘Refill’ by Khatia Maglakelidze
  • Presenting the results at an exhibition at the Youth House ground

The gained experiences have been very moving for all of us and we believe that ‘Refill’ has a positive effect on everybody who was involved.


June 2019

The highlight of 2019 was our workcamp which took place last June on the Youth House ground. Over two weeks 18 young people from Germany helped with the expansion of our dormitory by building up rooms for showers and washing machines. Beside Germans, also the participants of the Life Chance program supported the construction works. These two weeks were very intense and at the same time a nice intercultural encounter. In addition to the work we showed our German guests Tbilisi and visited different places in Georgia. Together we were in Stepanzminda, Mzcheta, Kachetien and also in David Gareja. 

This project was facilitated by the ‘Evangelisches Jugendwerk’ which financed this construction project.


In march, we have started our projects again with a new group of people. Everyday now, they are coming to our Youth House and take part in our educational program. In the morning, the get classes in general topics like history, English and social pedagogy.

In the afternoon, they are learning about handicraft like working with wood, clay and glass; either in our own new factories or in a professional college in Tbilisi.

Our new group is very lovely and motivated and we are looking forward to the next months of the projects!


Hello! I would like to introduce myself…

My name is Lilith Schuster, I am 19 years old and I come from Germany. Since 7months now, I am in Georgia and volunteer for Life Chance.
My stay is part of the “Weltwärts”-Programm, which is organized by the German government. Young people from 18 to 28 years are sent to different countries, where they work in social or environmental engaged organizations, to support their work and to get new experiences and skills.
My sending organization is a small German organization, which is called “act for transformation” and engages for environmental and intercultural topics. Together with four other volunteers, I am the first one, who is sent to Georgia.

In Youth House, I found a wonderful place to meet many people, learn about the structure of an NGO and do some useful work. Now that our new projects have started, I am doing language classes in English and German, joining the workshops and I am doing office work like reports or social media posts. Furthermore, I am taking part at the educational program in college, where I learn about working with glass.

My work is diverse and interesting, that’s why I like it so much! I am having a really interesting time in Georgia and I am glad to have the chance to be here, get new perspectives, meet nice people and learn so much about social work.
I am curious for the next months!


Another important step in our work!

We as Life Chance work with adolescents, who come from orphines homes and who have to start their life as an adult after that. So, our most important goal is, to lead our adolescents to an independent and self-determined life.

One of our girls, Mariam, has now done a big step in this direction and moved out from our youth house.

She has got a work in a label factory and now an own apartment in Tbilisi.

We are proud of her and hope, that all our adolescents will have the succes, Mariam has reached now.

Ein weiterer grosser Efolg in unserer Arbeit!

Das Hauptziel von Life Chance ist es, die Jugendlichen, die zu uns kommen, an ein eigenstaendiges und selbstbestimmtes Leben heranzufuehren.

Eine unserer Jugendlichen, Mariam, hat nun als Erste dieses Jahr einen grossen Schritt in diese Richtung getan. Sie hat eine eigene Wohnung gefunden und ist aus dem Jugendhaus ausgezogen.

Wir sind sehr stolz auf sie und hoffendass unsere anderen Jugendlichen ebenso erfolgreich sein werden wie Mariam.


This month, we had some visitors coming from Germany to our youth house. The group of Clowns ohne Grenzen travelled all across Georgia to do their show for the children.

They played in Tbilisi and Batumi, but also in small villages and refugees camps. We, as Life Chance organized their stay in Georgia and also accompanied them on their journey.

For us too, it was a very special experience! We will remember especially their last evening, when we got a private show in our youth house.

Diesen Monat hatten wir in unserem Jugendhaus Besuch von Clowns aus Deutschland. Die Gruppe von Clowns ohne Grenzen reiste einmal durch Georgien, um hier ihre Show fuer unsere Kinder zu spielen.

Wir als Life Chance haben ihren Aufenthalt organisiert und sie auf ihrer Reise begleitet. Auch fuer uns war es eine sehr besondere und ungewoehnlich Erfahrung, an die wir uns noch lange erinnern werden!


Our new clay factory has been opened on 17th of July 2018.


Today we received a wonderful donation to help us move forward and expand our organization. This car will allow us to continue to help children and allow them to experience things they would have not experienced otherwise. We are very thankful for this donation and can’t wait to see what amazing places this car takes us!



We are happy to announce our new partner “AGAPEDIA Stiftung für Kinder” and “youth House Georgia” founded by Georgian orthodox church and organization Lazare.
New Project “Support of Adults and Youth Outgoing (from 17-year-old) Or Already-Went from State Care” is running Together with “Life Chance”, “Youth House Georgia”, “AGAPEDIA Stiftung für Kinder”, “Ministry of Education and science of Georgia.
The project aims to support 17-18-year-old young people outgoing or already-went from state care in order to receive formal and informal education, support them for work and independent life in the direction of vocational orientation; a support their healthy integration into society and development of mentor program. The project provides Emergency Support Services like housing,( 6 months) meal, medical care, and e.p
participant of the project can use the following service
– transitional accommodation
– meals
– Godparent program
– medical care
– Psychological service
– social pedagogy
– Mentor Programme
– transportation and pocket money

Youth House is located Chikoani street 14.
Opening Hours 10:00 – 18:00


Together with “Agapedia” financial support, we have a new kitchen where children have a possibility to Learn and Improve Essential Cooking Skills, take workshops and masterclass from top chefs and special guests.

First masterclass from Marika Barth, AGAPEDIA Stiftung für Kinder




Vocational camp was located near the sea side, into the amazing nature. 30 children were taking part of the camp, where the enviroment was informal, full of sport , music, art activities, full of individual and team activities (interaction seminars, forum, role activities and etc.)


Support of Adults and Youth Outgoing (from 17-year-old) Or Already-Went from State Care

The project aims to support 17-18-year-old young people outgoing or already-went from state care in order to receive formal and informal education, and support them for work and independent life in the direction of vocational orientation; a support their healthy integration into society and development of mentor program.